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Scissortial Productions Outreach 

Scissortail Productions is passionate about bringing arts education to all Oklahomans across our state. Cross Timber's and Reader's Theater are designed to provide art and music workshops to a variety of ages. See more information about these workshops below and contact us to book an event.  

Cross Timbers 


Cross Timbers provides various forms of art education and art workshops to a large range of ages, K-12 and adults. These workshops are focused on the following subjects: singing, dance, painting, and theater. These are all hands-on workshops with the intent to spread art knowledge and appreciation to all ages. Scissortail Productions also provides consulting in arts education and arts administration.

Reader's Theater 


Reader’s Theater is one of many Scissortail Production’s outreach programs. Reader’s Theater provides theater workshops and performances to children ages K-12. This program is designed to provide theater workshops and performances to those who might not have access to these types of programs. Reader’s Theater is also designed to provide theater programs that emphasize cultural awareness and underrepresented communities.


For more information about our Cross Timbers and Reader's Theater programs, or to schedule an event, please email us using the contact form provided.

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