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May 26 | 7:00 pm

First Christian Church

220 S. Webster

The Squeak | Squawk Trio

What makes this concert interesting?
  • 20th and 21st century works from American composers

  • Performance of Patrick Conlon's new work "Wubwubwub - Dubstep for the End of Time" a unique combination using acoustic classical instruments playing EDM (electronic dance music)h

  • Preview recordings of Conlon's piece Mirror Sermon and many other works from his website

  • Solo cello performance of Robert Muczyinski's Gallery - a series of short musical responses performed while viewing paintings by American artist, Charles Birchfield.

Scissortail's Chamber Music series aims to perform and support as much new music as possible. This concert features works of Patrick Conlon, a local Oklahoma-based composer who writes both classical works, as well as more popular styles. He is interested in how classical music can be infused with current trends in popular music. The Squeak|Squawk Trio (Patrick Conlon, violin, Christina Giacona, clarinet, Rob Bradshaw, cello) recently premiered his concerto, WubWubWub - Dubstep for the End of Time, with the Fort Smith Symphony, and will also perform it with the Oklahoma Composers' Orchestra later this season.

Also featured on the program, will be Candace Fish. Candace is director of music for St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Edmond, as has performed for Scissortail earlier this season. She is a current doctoral student at the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

Candace Fish, piano

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